Anxiety Killer

I’m experiencing a sudden explosions of different varieties of something to be anxious about, actually some nonsensical things, not to be ponder really, something that I shouldn’t be thinking at this point of my life. Things that’s important but at the same time shouldn’t be cramped into my long list of frustration and depression.

Firstly, MONEY.

I know, I know! I shouldn’t be thinking and worrying about these, esp now I’m on my 7th month. On another note, I’m taking Isoxilan to calm my nerves. I need to take this 3x a day for a week as per OB’s advised prior to what I’d experienced last week during typhoon (sudden uneasiness, weird cramps, my baby loves moves too much like on a panic, pelvic and below belly button weird sensation — not painful but got a funny discomfort down there) And worrying about this won’t do any good for me and baby.. Sigh.. So let’s go back to what I’m saying about money. I actually left my full time job in a foreign country due to my pregnancy. It’s actually not easy for me to do as I’ve never stopped working ever since I graduated from University. Even as a student in fact, I’m doing freelancing stuff. So imagine how difficult for me to make such decision. Yeah right. But my “baby loves” made things much easier to decide (In the future, If you’re reading this my baby love,  our son, Mummy just pretends she doesn’t want to leave work but were actually very excited to just fatten herself up and slack whole day, everyday hehe) It’s true that I’m excited to just slack and totally forgot about office work but anxious as we don’t really have much savings to support my… whimsical activities (shopping that is!)… I mean, for emergency purposes. So me not working means less income as we also need to save for our baby’s birth / delivery. We also don’t have a local medicard to lessen or support our expenses for the hospital bills on that final day.

To be fair, it’s actually more than enough but because we’re paying some other important things so it’s taking a huge chunk out of our finances and what’s left will be for our baby to be used up in October (fingers crossed — this isn’t my due date but paranoid that I am, thinking I might popped early if too stressed! Bloody hell! )  / November — This is my due date about last week of November in fact. Tomorrow, will be our baby shopping day, so earlier I was doing some computation where the heck should I get the money from for shopping?! I’m quite dizzy actually balancing / deleting / adjusting our finances. We had unnecessary expenses some time ago, so this expenses eat up our shopping allowance for our baby… damn the typhoon who ruined our internet connection for a week! Because of that we had to resort in buying a wifi gadget for hubby’s work.

Tsk! Irritating.

So wifi got = shopping moolah gone with the typhoon! That’s my dilemma. As our budget is computed up to every last cent of it it’s very difficult if there’s a huge chunk of deduction. It’s very risky actually. The hospital / ob that we’re consulting is quite expensive. It’s one of the most expensive hospitals near our place actually. The reason why we choose this is because, we’ve been doing consultations there for quite a long time. I’m very comfortable with my OB and not really interested to look for another one from another less-ex hospitals. It’s very, very near our house and It’s actually a very good hospital thus super expensive. There is actually other hospitals near our home but not so keen as we had a bad experienced few years back. My hubby will always say not to sacrificed the quality of hospital service. I’m just hoping that we’ll go and deliver as NORMAL as planned (that’s why I’m super obedient regarding my diet – what to eat and to avoid, doing what I can just to have a NORMAL delivery) and our baby will be cooperative “that day” hehe… Praying… praying..

Secondly, Our Own Place.

Currently, we’re staying in my parent’s house. It’s not as comfortable so we had to do some renovation for our room to prepare for our baby’s arrival. Renovation again means money money money. This isn’t what we planned for. But problem arises when rats, cockroaches and ants infested the corners of the room. So we have no choice. It’s also very hot / humid as half of the house wherein the room that we’re staying were built in woods without any exhaust / cooler. It has aircon and we have fans though, but still it’s not as comfy compared to the rooms upstairs which my parents and my younger sibling stays. But again, those rooms are quite small and has it’s own problems like too cramped and doesn’t have any windows. Dunno why my mom allows such structure but oh well it’s already built so no point. Their rooms are made of concrete so its much cooler and located upstairs. No infestations going around their rooms unlike ours. We’re actually planning to move out by 2nd quarter of the following year once our place is done. It’s near my parent’s home and its a nicer place though it’s just a small studio unit. With all the amenities and located on higher grounds with no floods to worry about! Initially, it’s not really a place for us to stay. We planned to rent it out for additional income and just continue to stay at my mom’s. But the thing is, it’s not really very, very convenient and comfortable to stay together with your parents and brother, in a place esp when you’re already married and raising a kid. I mean, if you have options, of course why not move out right?! I hate floods and these sort of infestation. It’s not healthy. There are pros and cons. Although sometimes I still think its nice to stay with them, so I can always see them everyday, BUT these floods, and infestations are damn annoying… the infestation that we couldn’t control because of the structure of the house, same goes for floods because my parents house is located in a very low ground. You really can’t help it esp monsoon season…

The horror that I’ve experienced last week was arghhhh… If I’m not pregnant maybe I can tolerate this. But now?! Noooo… I don’t think I can settle for this esp now that we’re going to have a small kid. It’s very difficult and I worried a lot up to the point that I couldn’t sleep the entire evening just watching the floods go higher and higher.  It made me tensed so much that I thought my baby’s going to come out. It almost reached our 2nd floor that’s why I’m too stressed! Although my parents house consist of 3rd floor and rooftop with shed, there’s basically no room upstairs for us to be comfy or sleep in! It’s basically a kitchen with my mom’s and bro’s room. And the spoiled kid doesn’t want to share his. So we ended up sleeping at my mom’s room which is basically very small and looks like a storage area because she’s been putting a lot of old things inside which she thought to have sentimental value and don’t want to throw away. T_T

That point in time, I told my hubby if the typhoon still doesn’t go away. As soon as the rain stops and the waters lower down to knees level, we have no choice but  to move out and look for a hotel that we can stay in for a day or two because I couldn’t take my stressed tummy and the annoying situation that were in.

So that sums it up. I guess If we didn’t bought that new place, I guess we’ll just settle in staying here for another few months or years before we get to have our own place hehe. Since my mom’s alone now so I thought it’s good to stay with them while were here in our country. And besides hehe, we’re actually saving a lot of money by staying with them since what we’re sharing is just maybe half of what we’re going to spend once we move out. But then again, pros and cons. I’m also quite irritated with my brother’s behaviour. I don’t want to stress my mum regarding this. He’s the youngest so I guess that explains the spoiled nature of him. Whatever. We hope that we could move out soon by next year.

Everyday, I worried about these. I even dreamed about these too.

Maybe because, I got really nothing much to do these past few days, other than sleeping and eating.

I’m into cooking and watching korean soaps and doing my prenatal activities these past few weeks / months, but because of the monsoon season I’m getting stressed day by day so I got to resort to bed rest to calm myself and our baby. Hopefully things go well as planned and prayed.


Looking and feeling Stressed?! God bless us ❤



26 weeks and counting!

Wow!!! Do I look like someone who’s swallowed a big melon hehehe… Yaaayyyy!!! Today marks the 26th week of our baby baby ♥ He’s kicking harder and wild these past few days…in fact, just now, few minutes before I started typing / editing pictures it feels like he’s doing some kind of of somersaults hehe. I dunno, but seriously it felt like his feet or maybe butt, or something edgy was kicking the insides of me…and it feels really great!!! Ohhhhh.. I will surely gonna miss these feelings once our baby boy pops out ♥


So far, I still can hang unto my usual diet of Fitnesse Low fat whole wheat cereal with low fat milk mixed with fruits (duh! it’s just either raisins, papaya, apple, orange, pear or banana…those are the easiest to find here) for breakfast and dinner. But yes, once in a while, my hubby would gladly give me a spoonful or two of what he’s eating during my meal hehe. For lunch, I normally have rice with any dish. And oh! I’m not taking my prenatal vitamins all at once ( I got 2 big caplets – calcium / fish oil and other multivits – and one small tablet – sort of iron and other vits) because If I did, I would end up with a really, really terrible acid reflux that lasts for few hours or whole day…Tsk! Imagine that. So to help myself with that, I will only take one in the morning, which is the dha-thingy fish  oil blend , then the remaining two vitamins after lunch. That really helps me a lot in controlling my acid reflux.

I also stopped drinking florida orange juice because of my acid reflux and instead replaced it with the real fruit itself. Not so bad right. Although, I prefer the florida pack but the thing is my tummy wouldn’t say yes hehe. So there it goes.

As for my lunch, I’ve dedicated myself in cooking my own dish, so I can control and alternate fish and chicken. We don’t really eat pork or red meat a lot because of my mom’s health. Hmmm, maybe once to twice a week only. And another reason to this “kitchen dedication” is because I’m getting a bit sick of the dish they’re cooking during lunch time. It’s the same dish each and every week. Round-Robin. LOL.  And they sort of trying to avoid cooking any dish with vegetable in it. I think.

So yeah, those are my rants and reasons for now. Bye hihi ♥

My sweety bumpy!

Really sorry, I think I’m really getting lazier and lazier as my belly progress (bigger and bigger hehe!)

To update, my baby is getting sooo, sooo active these days. I felt like he’s trying to practice some kind of martial arts hahaha… He moves a LOT which is good…but I dunno if that would be good during the last week, or would I say the “delivery week”…I read somewhere that if your baby moves too much by the end of third trimester somehow it’s not going to be very, very good. Like what I’ve read, her baby moves too much during the last two weeks and end up having a C-section because baby’s hand is high up on his head, some I read their baby got wrapped up or tangled with their umbilical cord. Some got into breech position. Oh my! Seriously I’m getting more and more paranoid these days because of reading too much labor and delivery stories. My hubs has been telling me not to read too much of these because I’m so paranoid that I sometimes couldn’t sleep at night — dreading “that” day. Sigh. Oh well. CALM DOWN. Chill. Now seriously, I already stopped browsing about these topics, I think for a week now. I definitely know myself when It comes to paranoia section. So enough of those.

So what am I getting myself busy these days?! Ok, to be honest, I’m not as busy as anyone does but things are way better for me and my baby compared to my 1st trimester (dizzy, nausea and all!)


I actually started doing prenatal yoga, pilates and cardio since the beginning of july.  I’m not a very active type of person pre-pregnancy but to cope up with the pain here and there because of growing belly I opt to do it everyday. And I heard that doing exercises while you’re pregnant can also help in managing your weight during and after the baby. Maybe I’ll missed one to two days because I’m not particularly well or because the wifi is slow but other than that it’s almost, I can say, Everyday hehe…and oh! Except weekends, it’s just nice to sleep a lot during weekends. I prefer to do this series of routines at home mainly because, 1. My hubby could’t accompany me, he’s working. 2. Home is quite far from the places where you can enroll this thing. So yeah, and good though because it saves me a lot of money hehe (time / effort of travelling too! ) We don’t have a car so it’ll be difficult for me to travel back and forth.

I started doing these routines ( all from youtube! hehe ) not only to keep myself busy, and not plaster myself on the bed whole day, but to keep me and baby physically fit. I read from other mummies saying that It helps you to stay strong, rejuvenated, and healthy. And yeah it helps you to be strong and manage pain during labor, or at least teach you how to relax. I got a very bad low pain tolerance so I’m really hoping and praying that these routines will help me along the way as we welcome our baby. Shocks, I don’t know but maybe I’ll forget about these things that I’m doing for months once the labor started. Lol. I’m not so good at concentrating let alone with the unbearable (pulsating) pain. Ok, don’t think too much *coaxing myself* Stop.

We haven’t really do some shopping for our baby. We’ll be doing that by September when I hit my 7th month. Elders say not to buy things before you hit 7th month. It’s an oldies belief/tradition. So to end all debate and ranting, we’ll just follow a bit of what they say hehe. Anyhow, I’m very excited! I’ll try not to shop too much though but aim for the basics as baby grows very fast.

Speaking of growing fast. My ob warned (I think it’s more of “begged”) me not to stuffed myself with too much carbo (sweets and oily too) because our last ultrasound shows that our baby is bigger than what we expect him to be. But really, sometimes it’s very difficult to control. Esp when you got nothing productive to do but browse on food channels or recipes site. Back to my baby tummy, I think it’s one week bigger If that’s correct. And I’m too petite to have a big baby. My hips isn’t even good as well. Too small for my frame. I got a wide shoulder…but hips?! uh-uh. I’m too petite, less than 5 feet. And because of this I started my diet of low-fat milk and cereal with fruits. I think its been three weeks now since. I’m not really used to this milk-and-cereal-fruits-breakfast thing but I’m doing this as per my ob advised. I officially replaced my breakfast and dinner with low-fat milk and cereal mixed with fruits. Sometimes for dinner, I’ll eat some of the dish that they’d cooked but on a very small portion together with my cereals. For lunch I’m still eating my normal meals with lesser rice, and will snacks with fruits in between meals. Sometimes, if I’m craving, I will ignore and just eat whatever snacks I want in-between meals, but again, in small portion, I also don’t want to end up having a malnourished baby so it’s a sort of balance thing that I need to do whenever I’m heading to our dining table hehe. Oh, ob says she prefer to have a 5lbs baby for my petite frame, and yes, we’re hoping and praying for a normal delivery so I’m trying my best to follow my ob’s reminder. But then again, paranoid that I am, you’ll never really know if you’re going to have a normal delivery or cs until “that” day arrives. We’re hoping and praying ♥

Below you can see how BIG I am now. On 115lbs already…maybe 117 haha..the weighing scale is a bit weird, pre-pregnancy I think it’s 101lbs. Ob’s monitoring my weight and says I “must” comply to 25lbs weight gain. OMG. HOW!?!? On 24th week by the time I took the photo below. Now on 26th…yay!!! few more weeks and hello 7th!!!


Everyday and counting

baby of mine

6 months on the way

That’s my lovely tummy now.  Now that I’m on my 2nd trimester, gone are  the craving-whatever-anyhow-anytime days. Hubs smiling. No more dizzy / nausea spells, feeling-like-you’re-having-a-fever-whenever-i-see-moving-objects-vision-but-temperature-is-fine moments. No more food aversion for meat / canned goods / fried & oily foods / herbs & spices.

I’m very lucky that I didn’t get to experience vomiting or throwing up.

During first trimester, I really didn’t gain any weight – even though I eat like a hungry bear every hour or so. I eat non-stop, mainly fruits — oranges, apples, pear, mango and banana. I think I also dislike rice which ended before the 2nd trimester began. I just realized that I really can eat “healthy” if I’m so into it…disciplined. Imagine before, I can eat tons of carbo’s, junkfoods, instant noodles. Now I’m too disciplined that even my mom we’re laughing and teasing how “healthy” I am now, compare to “myself” few months back. But of course, there’s not a single days or nights that I don’t crave for bacon, ham, hotdogs and sausage…and noodles.

I feel sorry actually because for few times I give in to the food temptation. But I really can’t help it.

My ob however did mention that there’s no food restriction so long its moderate on everything. I feel like dying esp during those craving season. I think I’ve eaten few packs of instant noodles during these entire 5 months+ but to make up for it, I will surely eat tons of vegies, fruits, meats, eggs before doing so. I know it’s really not good for our baby but mommy is drooling like a mad dog for a packet of instant ramen. Sometimes for 1 pc of hotdog or few slices of luncheon meats. BAD.  I only eat it maybe once to twice in two weeks (Wow, really I can remember those!?) And I have to admit, whenever my mom cooks those korean spicy mushroom ramyun, I will surely not forget to take a few spoonfuls for myself (pathetic greedy mommy goshhh!!!) I know. Shocks me. BAD.

Those are my guilty confessions.

That maybe the reason why few weeks back, when we’re about to take our Congenital Anomaly Scan, I’m a bit worried. Thinking about the hotdogs, junkfoods, noodles that I’ve indulged in the past few months. God help me.

I was praying non-stop during the entire CAS.

Thank heavens. Though our baby is in breech position (Sonographer say not to worry though it’s still long way to go) he’s in good shape with no problem in any of his organs. Yes! HE!!! We’re gonna have a baby boy. Hubs & me we’re so excited to be with our lil~one in few more months. Although we didn’t really wish for any specific gender other than a healthy, sweet child.

At this month, I felt a lot of movement from our baby. Mostly the feeling is on my left side. Feels like a fluttering butterfly. It’s a very nice sensation. I feel very happy whenever I felt his movement.

Although nowadays, it’s getting a bit difficult to sleep at night. It’s not because I can always feel my baby’s movement but rather I think it’s the uncomfortable sensation on my back and sides. Now it’s either I sleep on my left or right, tossing and turning.

But whatever aches and pain that I’m experiencing now, I’m totally enjoying this wonderful journey of being pregnant. It’s not easy though, but I’m pretty sure it’ll all be worth it.



Baby…baby…baby of mine…baby baby…

Gosh…it took me another month (well, after posting & promising to post soon after 2 months of hide-and-seek hehe) to create this post… I’m really getting lazier and lazier these days… but I’m telling, it’s really worth it hahaha

Baby…baby??? YES!!! This post is dedicated about how things started and how we found out about our BIG ever surprise this year. We just LOVE 2013!!!

Me and my hubs we’re trying to get preggy for months now (let’s say for a year?!) But I guess we’re too focused on our career and enjoying ourselves. So actually, it’s really weird that we want to get pregnant BUT never really bother to consult any specialist as to why we’re still not visited by any luck. I guess the reason, and what we always say is that “if it comes, it’s a blessing! If not, there’s no rush ~ let’s enjoy our moment together ~ being just us ~ alone”

So fast forward, that’s how stuff goes for months. We still work hard, but not party harder. Since, maybe at the back of our mind we still wanted to have a lil~one SOON. So it means, less alcohol, less party nights. A bit of a healthy living – ok, not much I say. But we try to cook our own meal instead of eating / dining out. Trying to be healthy, told you. And oh, I started taking folic acids. This I heard / read from forums / friends, one must start to take folic acids during baby planning.

December 2012 came. I was two weeks delayed. Having these weird tantrums. And I can really cry over trivial matters such as I want to eat that and these. But couldn’t find where to get. LOL. And so, me as an overweening lady “that time” assumed with a big thought bubble, that maybe, just maybe?! this is it?! HAHAHA. But still, hubby don’t really believe me , ok maybe half-half he does. But still he manage to just go around with my little screenplay hehe. He’s enjoying it I guess.

After those weird days, we finally decided to get ourselves a PT. I mean, I think I’m over 3 weeks delayed and we’re both anxious to see the result.

So yeah, truth be told…I’m just overreacting, big HA-HA. Turns out to be negative, and delayed period might be because of work stress during that month. I felt really sad that time. Because my hopes are way toooo high. And I’ve never been late for more than a week, so I assumed, and really thought that was it. Hubs though seems ok and fine with it. He’s really supporting and helps me a lot to overcome that depression. He’s saying that maybe too much thinking of it, subconsciously, it adds up to my pile of stress. Which I again heard and read that It’s not really good during TTC.

Fast forward, all is well.

Then, early this year, I bump into this site of ovulation predictor /  calendar. Ok this may sound funny, but I think we’re a bit weird (idiot?! LOL) We didn’t visit any specialist, nor check my ovulation thingy. And yet, we’re expecting, that maybe just like that, we’ll get lucky HAHA!!! really… and So, I fill in the details to this ovulation thing and follow through. Anyhow, at this point I guess we’re not expecting anything. If this year, we won’t get lucky, there’s still the following year LOL maybe, we thought, we’ll just be blessed with a lil~one someday, in time. So enough of the drama.

After a month, there it goes again.

But this time around, it’s more weirder than ever. I’m few days late, again. I have a weird cramps all of a sudden. I wake up during wee hours, and I mean 2 or 3 am. Not really Excited for work?! LOL. Then, nausea kicks in.  I almost collapsed a few times in the subway…walking outside for me is quite a difficult task. Me?! A mall rat hehe.

I just couldn’t endure it. It was weekend, after a whole day of shopping and chit chatting with a friend, nausea kicks in again. This time it’s more intense. And again, in a subway. I couldn’t breathe. I want to melt instantly. It feels like someone is draining the life out of me. I immediately called my friend whom I parted with 30min ago. Luckily, she’s still haven’t gone for work. We immediately went to the hospital, a nurse came to our assistance and checked some few things, mentioning that I’m delayed for a week and might be pregnant, to which I ignore because of the incident few months back.  (but maybe subconsciously hoping haha)

Tests done. Results came.


We’re pregnant! We’re gonna be a MOM & DAD! Thank God for our BIG FAT BLESSING!

I was teary eyed and just couldn’t believe it. Actually, We went to see my Doc few weeks back and had series of test. So It’s really 0% expectation that I’m preggy that time.

Phoned my hubs and couldn’t contain our happiness!!!  We really couldn’t believe it, it’s amazing that we even need to get another two (2) PT just to be contented HAHA.

We're soo ecstatic!!! It's Amazing!!!

We’re so ecstatic!!! It’s Amazing!!!

There’s our lil~one!!! It’s very emotional when we had our first US. It’s unbelievable.  Thank God for our much awaited blessing.



Stay away…or else…

Sabre Red Pepper Spray

Hi Peeps!!! It’s been quite looongg since I my last post. I’m a bit under the weather lately. Got tons of work. Dues. Money headache LOL. I’m not enjoying things lately as things turn out to be pretty fast (slooowww dowwwnn pulezzzz) I’ve done some shopping. Spring cleaning of our room, more of luggages and cabinets. I’ll be alone for bit of while as my hubby will still be under deployment. I’m going back to normal working hours and working place. I’m gonna be sharing a room with a person / people I haven’t met. It’s my first time so I’m a bit nervous. I really don’t have a big option as we’ve been lacking some funds lately LOL…nooo it’s not because I shopped too much, but a lot of things happened. A lotttt of expenses. And we didn’t see that one of us will be deployed somewhere again. Thought contract will send soon but turns out its extended. Oh well, just for a few months then we’ll be back to normal.  So yeah since I’m gonna be alone, and yes, I dunno the place and the people, and to keep myself secure (a bit) we went out last weekend and get my pinkie! Yes LOL I called it my pinkie because its pink..lame, i know hehe…It’s a Sabre Red Pepper Spray! It comes in variety of colours. LOL I actually had a hard time choosing which to get hahah! but pink runs out so fast as the sales staff told me so I immediately grabbed this hehe.  Planning to get a stun gun but its too bulky LOLOLOLLL and a bit pricey nyahaha!!! We don’t have much cash as of the moment LOLOLOOOLL ohhh.. bloody hell!

To tea is to believe


Quite nice interior ~ De Luxe!

So after the disaster of our lil puggy, and long walks, we thought a nice visit at starbucks would be great. But when we’ve arrived at the place, we saw that TWG has opened. Gosh! we’re a bit of a tea fan too although we don’t really have a big tea vocabulary, only thing we know is that its nice and soothing.  We used to drink tons of coffee a day, couldn’t leave without it. Like addiction. It made me insomniac last time, and hubby would get a headache if skipped it for breakfast. We decided to cease this insanity LOL before we ended up in rehab hahaha.. So to divert our attention, that’s the time we started drinking tea. We would buy different boxes from groceries to try which is nicer. One colleague also brought us tea from Sri Lanka and China which is damn nice. Nowadays, instead of gulping coffee the entire day or week, we would opt for either tea or plain water.  Wow! Seriously trying to be healthy LOL. Back to TWG, they got a crazy huge variety of teas, mostly we don’t know or heard of LOL. We’ve tried their macarons, love it to bits, sunshine piggy brought me a box few times. I’ve never tried other macaron brands but this is already fantastic for me.

TWG interior

Love the colour scheme – mixture of brown and gold, like the branding itself

I can only say the interior was very exquisite. I love the color combos & details. Gold, Brown, Crystals, Ceramics and very nice jars of tea, not sure what they’re made of but looks like its a tin can?!

Oh so sweet

Oh so sweet

These are the sweets that we dare not to try,

TWG menu and teapots

Menu & De Luxe Teapot sets

Shocking – that teapot set on the left side 2nd level – porcelain with golden armor (LOL) cost about 22,000+Php!!! what the!!!! faint ~ I was looking at it while sipping my tea, and thought I wanna have it…BUT nevermind, I could find some cheaper alternative LOL.. I’m talking to one of the staff about this, I’d said “Imagine if I accidentally knocked it over since they’d put it almost near the edge of the table LOL oh gracious, adios my entire allowance for months!” and the staff goes : hehehe

TWG illustration

I wanna go back to spending few hours of my time everyday doing illustration soon…this reminds me of that LOL : enlightenment : vision haha!

the golden tea pot

edge of losing my entire allowance LOL

This.. just look at that..near the edge of losing my entire allowance LOL… My tea was, as they say, the best seller : SILVER MOON TEA : green tea with a hint of vanilla and berries..savor the sweetness, the intoxicating aroma. Will be back to sip you again with mother goose. This ain’t really cheap but it’s so worth it. Hubby ordered CRÈME BRÛLÉE TEA, it’s quite similar to mine but this one got stronger scent like the sweetness of crème brûlée. The staff were pouring this on his cup and the smell reminds me of the creaminess of the sweet custard with burnt sugar on top. YUM!

TWG Macarons

TWG Macarons in vivid colours

Of course, this is TWG, and one couldn’t resist ordering a few bites of none other than the famous macarons in delectable tea flavours! We only ordered 4 but the staff gave us 2pc as complimentary. Clap! Clap! Thank you thank you! It’s been quite a while since we had these scrumptious bites. Couldn’t remember all the flavours : Napoleon Tea & Caramel (Light Brown), Earl Grey Fortune & Chocolate(Dark Brown), Lemon Bush Tea (Yellow) and 1837 Black Tea & Blackcurrant (Red). I couldn’t remember the other 2 flavours but aside from that purple there’s also white which I couldn’t resist & gobbled up in few secs, prior to picture taking haha.


These calls for a liter of tea & water – uber sweet, it made my heart explode! Ants everywhere…

I’m not really a lady with a sweet tooth (my sunshine piggy is actually the one) but the only dessert that I couldn’t miss every time we eat out is creme brûlée . I have this passion for tasting every cream brulee that I could find in every cafe or restaurant that we’re in. And browsing at TWG menu, I immediately looked for none other than my #1 favourite. Creamy, yummy, melts-in-your-mouth custard with burnt sugar on top. When the staff brought the golden dessert (I’m exagge hehe) I immediately had this wide grin, like a “happy-kid-with-a-big-candy” face. It doesn’t just look very delish, but it’s presented in a manner wherein I don’t wana poke my spoon and ruin the whole presentation. Call me exaggerated but I think it’s that cute mini ramekin with small handle sitting on a dainty doily – had made me raised my white flag! It comes in two TWG tea flavours : Phuguri Darjeeling and Vanilla Bourbon Tea. But after switching from macarons, to my hubby’s dessert, to these, seriously, I couldn’t tell what’s the difference. I’ve eaten too much sweet, my tastebud went numb LOL.

TWG Dessert

Nice ice cream for me. Hubby’s so in love with mango crumble.

Mango Crumble of my hubby. The ice cream really got me hooked. It’s tea flavoured, and really wow, not too sweet and I think I tasted a bit of pistachio underneath. It helped my taste bud calmed a bit. I think it went crazy after a series of sweets in one seating. My hubby says the mango crumble was really good and very rich. I don’t know why but I couldn’t recognized that feeling, maybe I’m just a cream brulee person LOL. not much of a fan to others.Totally Biased indeed.

TWG Crème brûlée bite

Look! it looks creamy hehe

Just look at that LOL Ohhh..sooo…yummmyyyy..hehe.. After one ramekin, I feel very full & satisfied, after 2nd ramekin – felt like I would never want to eat Crème brûlée ever again haha.. Too much isn’t good. My hubby didn’t even want to try this because he’s too busy with his mango crumble (he’s like, nice, creamy, yeah really nice etc etc about his mango crumble LOL) so I ended up consuming everything wahhh… Sugar overload. We went back home with a bloated tummy full of sugar & TWG tea. This is snack ONLY.  BUT  we decided for Zero dinner.  We’ve already lose our appetite because of too much sweet.

Ewwwww-some LOL

Disclaimer: Bit of drama soak in a tub of “ewwww”-ness. LOL. Leave OR Ignore if you couldn’t stand poo story LOL

Me and my sunshine piggy were supposed to go on a staycation today with our lil’ puggy. BUT disaster strikes when (1) the hotel that we booked, ‘kay my fault for not asking beforehand, doesn’t allow PETS ( I know, not all hotels accepts lil furry friend with you, mostly they really don’t – very very few only! we understand though so it’s Le Sigh ~ So we thought, find another tired of longgg walk until we decided to just hail a taxi cab, and that’s history hahaha – NEXT ) (2) And soo, silly us, we forgot to put our lil’ puggy in her diaper and of all the time we’re walking on the street, very timing indeed!!! nature calls – messed up her carrier (and almost suffocated us) exactly the time we got inside the cab, with a back window that doesn’t roll down. Bloody hell.  Imagine us struggling to clean her up, it’s horrible. Capital E-wwwww!!! Good thing we got tons of of wipes, alcohol and cleanser. Hubby even claimed he got a very bad headache immediately – i think  even his BP rises too LOL soo timing! Seriously I was just staring at my hubby, laughing sarcastically – the situation is really funny because of the face he’s making at that moment. I’m just handing him over all the stuff to clean the poor lil puggy. LOL driver quite pissed, quiet but scratching his head, dunno who wouldn’t its damn stinky! But of course he doesn’t have a heart if he’ll asked us to alight then & there – LOL.. He’s a genius!!! what he did, he opens the window on his side and the other and speeds up like a bullet train. It’s good  and it worked (and yeah super scary – I don’t like super fast cars – made my heart skipped a lot of beat LOL I must be dead if you take that seriously). Thank God. LOL. We almost got killed because of poo air.

Ahaha!!! After which, lil’ puggy fluttered her big shiny eyes – walked up to me and gave a huge grin. MELT. LOL. ( she normally doesn’t, but I’m guessing she’s too guilty to sit on my hubby’s lap after the disaster LOL : Hubby = Grroowwwlll…)


lil puggy

Lil’ Puggy frolicking LOL


There goes our staycation. What a colourful day. TOO COLOURFUL!!! Soo vivid HAHAHA..I’m already blinded by it…We ended up going home. Ahaha, mommy couldn’t stop laughing hysterically (sarcastically too?!). Mood to go out = Zero. Too exhausted so instead we just went for a late afternoon snack at TWG. It’ll be my next post!

Nite yeah’ll mwackksss!!!

Monday Colours & Prints

Accessorize & Forever NewI like collecting cute little purses. I love those with nice details on it. Printed fabric, with patches, holes or detailed buttons and beads and charms. Polka dots, vibrant colours, nice vintage clasp. My most favourite are those from Accessorize. I find it quite expensive, but they’re the only purses that I find (in our town) with a very charming details. So normally, I would lust (drool) on it for a few weeks or months until they goes on SALE lol. Forgot to mentioned, I’m not willing to buy the normal price as I find it tad expensive for a small coin purse. But yeah it’s the quality that counts. I love the wool fabric with a fabric button, pearl, gold heart (sigh! need to take wayyy better picture next time..) and a dangling small bird charm. The blue one, loving those cute patches, the flag and airplane metal charm. I think I got these two for $15+ each, about 30-50% discount. Quite a steal for me LOL.


The last one isn’t from Accessorize but another sale item of Forever New (who doesn’t love SALE lol) think it’s about $5..It was on 50% off then after a week or two, becomes 70% and I bought 6 pcs because I REALLY REALLY LIKE THAT IT’S SOOO CUTE (#1 criteria = CHEAP) nice fabric, with a metal tulips as clasp in gold colour haha!!! Oh well, I ended up giving awa 5 of it because it’s soo crazy to keep 6 purses of same design (and not even using it – just stare at its cuteness LOL) talkin’ bout hoarding…

Gotta go, monday –  thursday thursdayyyy sooonnn…sooonnn.. !!! mwakkss!!!